Growing up in Venezuela, a country with some deeply rooted economic, political and social problems, gave me a different perspective on life. But it wasn’t what I saw around me that shaped that worldview. Rather, it was the powerful combination of the world and I perceived it to be around me and the world as I explored it every night, way past my bed time, through books. Books fueled my creativity, channeled my imagination, defined my dreams. I was able to look past all the problems and challenges, by thinking instead on how the story could be different. How I wanted that story to look like, if I had the opportunity to write it. The Book Project is an initiative to ensure that everyone has the same access to books as I had. To ensure that books keep fuelling human potential and enabling meaningful change in society.

Fast forward ten years and as I reach the end of my Arts/Law double degree, I have noticed a trend with much concern. People aren’t reading as much they used to, as they could. For some people books are prohibitively expensive. For some they are completely foreign, not having had much exposure to them in the past. For others, books have dropped to the bottom of an ever increasing list of things fighting for our attention.

The Idea

We are creating a new market for books, by pushing the boundaries of where books are normally sold and consumed. We have designed an innovative program where by shifting the focus from the individual to corporate and community partners, we are changing the way we access, enjoy and share books, allowing easier access, consumption and building a stronger community.

Corporate Benefits

  • Connector.


    People from The Book Project work with the Corporate to organise times and places for the various initiatives such as silent reading hours, book clubs etc…i.e. Silent reading hour space, set up by The Book Project, provide them with coffee as they walk in, warm fireplace and a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Connector.

    Work/Life Balance

    We aim to approach Corporate entities and provide them with a structured program that provides their employees with access to books and the benefits of reading through the book, various social initiatives.

  • Connector.

    Low Cost

    Provide cheap, effective on-cost delivery of books to the Corporate. Once a month, package delivered to offices where the books are distributed to the various employees..


    Community Engagement

    For each book purchased through The Book Project, another book will be provided to disadvantaged community groups. The Corporate can use The Book Project to promote their involvement within local communities and their contribution to social justice and equality.